July 12, 2017

These are the words from an incredible and talented man that I have had the privilege to be communicating with. He has learned to use his creativity to express himself and create a world of beauty through his eyes. His journey has shown me what strength, resiliency, courage, kindness, and love can look like.

This is real talk from survivors of abuse. Inspiration from one survivor to another.


I'm a survivor of a sexual and verbal abuse from my father. Im 38 yo and I’ve just arrived to New York City to rebuild my life after accepting just last year what really happened to me 30 years ago.

I have an enormous sense of humanity and I am a very sensible human being. I have difficulties regarding my relationships with other humans beings, specially regarding love, but I know for sure that Im a beautiful person inside of me. Im discovering that my pursuit of life is giving all the love I have without expecting the same from others. I live with my little me, that beautiful boy when I was just a child, I am here to protect him, to tell him and make him feel safe.

I feel very grateful to find this place today and have the chance to write about my story. It is a kind of liberation for my soul, for my heart.

I hope all my words would help people like me in the process of finding themselves. We are not alone ‘cause each one of us we have ourselves and this is the most beautiful gift life gave us, we should be grateful for that. Please stay human, to us, to you, to everyone in this world. Love.

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